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New Ways of Working

My vision on all problems in the world come together in the slogan “New Ways of Working“. I think that by changing our way of working, we can prevent problems on every level, like conflicts, climate change, and underdevelopment.


For a full explanation I would like to refer to the website www.newwaysofworking.eu but here are some bullet points:

– companies and governments likewise can achieve a lot by changing their way of working. Unsatisfied employees? Involve them in their way of working, and make them agent of their own time and results. Negative publicity about circumstances in the production process? Instead of compensating this with a special fund or building a school in a developming country, why not invest in changing the production chain and label this as sustainable development? This is an investment in the own organization, and will have more result in the end. Unsatisfied citizens? Involve them in the difficult process of ruling a country, give them more voice, because the risk on war is definitely there, as the Arab Spring showed us. And we cannot afford this risk.

– consumers have major power with their purchases. Why not link this to problems far away like climate change and inequality? By buying goods that address these problems, the connection between here and there will become clear again.

Prevention is better than curing!

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