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About me

My name is Jacqueline van Dooren and I am 24 years old. In September 2012 I graduated from the master programme “Conflicts, Territories & Identities”, which is a specialization of human geography. In my studies and additional activities I am focusing on development, conflicts, and sustainability. I volunteer for Unicef at the local level; am a member of a liberal political party (D66), and volunteer at Scouting.

During my studies I travelled and volunteered a lot. I went on an exchange project with youth from Kosovo and Serbia; I performed voluntary work in Dharamsala, India, for five months to work with Tibetans in exile; and I performed an internship at the Netherlands Embassy in Kuwait from February to July 2012.

My current project is the visit of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP18) which will be  held in Qatar from November 233 to December 7th. I will report about the conference for the Dutch liberal youth political  party and additionally other media channels. Also I will contribute to the conference by organising meetings and discussions.

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