New Ways of Working

My vision on all problems in the world come together in the slogan “New Ways of Working“. I think that by changing our way of working, we can prevent problems on every level, like conflicts, climate change, and underdevelopment. How? For a full explanation I would like to refer to the website www.newwaysofworking.eu but here are …

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UN climate conference COP18

From November 23 to December 7 I will report about the United Nations Conference on Climate Change which will be held in Doha, Qatar. For the youth section of a Dutch liberal democratic political party, I will report about the top by posting blogs and social media updates, organizing a meeting afterwards in The Netherlands. …

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About me

My name is Jacqueline van Dooren and I am 24 years old. In September 2012 I graduated from the master programme “Conflicts, Territories & Identities”, which is a specialization of human geography. In my studies and additional activities I am focusing on development, conflicts, and sustainability. I volunteer for Unicef at the local level; am …

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